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Commander Series 6 First Aid Kit Rugged

Commander Series 6 First Aid Kit Rugged

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Commander Series 6 First Aid Kit Rugged



 AEROPLAST™ Plastic Plasters 72mm x 19mm 50* 

AEROPLAST™ Premium Fabric Plasters 72mm x 19mm 50*

 AEROBURN™ Burn Gel Sachets 10 

AEROLIGHT™ Diagnostic Penlight 1 

AEROAID™ Antiseptic Spray 50mL 2 

AEROSHIELD™ CPR Face Shield 2 

AEROGLOVE™ Nitrile Examination Gloves, Pair 10 

AEROSWAB™ Gauze Swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm 3’s 18 

AEROWASH™ Eye Wash Ampoule 15mL 16 

AEROWIPE™ Cleansing Wipes 20 

AEROPROBE™ Splinter Probes (single use) 20 

AEROPAD™ Low Adherent Dressings 5cm x 5cm 12 

AEROPAD™ Low Adherent Dressings 7.5cm x 10cm 6 

AEROPAD™ Low Adherent Dressings 10cm x 10cm 2 

AEROFORM™ Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4m 6 

AEROFORM™ Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m 6 

AEROFORM™ Heavyweight Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m 2 

AEROPORE™ Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 5m 2* 

AEROWOUND™ BPC Wound Dressing #13 Small 3 

AEROWOUND™ BPC Wound Dressing #14 Medium 3 

AEROWOUND™ BPC Wound Dressing #15 Large 3 

AEROWOUND™ Combine Dressing 10cm x 20cm 2 

 AEROBAND™ Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x 155cm 4 

AERORESCUE™ Emergency Rescue Blanket, Silver 2 

AEROPAD™ Eye Pads 8 

AEROPLAST™ Instant Ice Pack 80g 2 

AEROSWAB™ Cotton Tip Applicators 10 

AEROHAZARD™ Needle Disposal Unit 90mL 1 

AEROHAZARD™ Disposable Dressing Tray 1 

AEROHAZARD™ Portion Cup, Plastic 60mL 1 

AEROINSTRUMENTS™ Scissors 14.5cm 1 

AEROINSTRUMENTS™ Tweezers 12cm 2 

AEROPLAST™ Amputated Parts Bag 3 Sizes 2 

Notebook + Pen Pack 1 

AEROPINS™ Safety Pins pack of 12 2 

CPR Flow Chart 10cm x 14cm 1 

First Aid Leaflet 1 

*Food & Beverage Kit does not contain these items. Items replaced with... FOOD & BEVERAGE KIT AEROPLAST™ Visual Plaster 75mm x 25mm 100 AEROPLAST™ Visual Tape 2.5cm x 5m 2

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