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Parts Washer SW-23 Starter Kit

Parts Washer SW-23 Starter Kit

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This starter kit includes everything you need to get you going. The package includes 

1 x SW-23 Parts Washer

5 x 20L Ozzy Juice

3 x Ozzy Mats



SmartWasher SW-23 is combination two machines in one a parts washer and a brake washer. This versatile unit is perfect for automotive shops and industrial maintenance facilities. Designed with engineers for the way you work, the SmartWasher SW-23 features include a dolly with a footstep making it easy to move around, an extra long hose with angled brush to reach those hard to get at spaces and a wide durable sink for larger heavier parts. The SmartWasher SW-23 truly is a smart combo washer.


Recommended for use in automotive workshops, defence, manufacturing, industrial, aviation, marine, bike repair shops, engineering workshops and any facility requiring a safe mobile parts washer


Compact footprint for maximum versatility. Dolly with foot step for easy relocation. Extra long hose with angled brush to reach hard to get at spaces. Wide durable sink for larger heavier parts. UV Stabilised sink and body.


***** Available to purchase outright or on a 3 year rental agreement****** Contact us for pricing

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